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Terrible Coffee, Great Ideas…

It started in a queue for coffee at the UK’s Defence Academy. That terrible coffee that all military personnel are acquainted with; a cross between tea and coffee (known as Cofftea). But the beverages aren’t the reason for our links to the Wavell Room; it was  the conversations in the queue during the breaks between lectures discussing how the military needs to change and adapt to be ready for the next challenge, where it became clear we needed a space where those thoughts could grow and flourish.

It’s now two years later.  Our community and online space is thriving.  With your help, we can double down on our success and do much more to take those great ideas that are shared over terrible coffee and them generating discussion across UK Defence and with our allies.

Here’s How you do it…

Donate £3 a month, and you help support the great ideas that keep and content that the Wavell Room delivers.  Our content is free to you, but it isn’t free to make.

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Supporting the Wavell Room financially means our team of volunteers can focus on helping our community of writers develop, and continue to provide the fantastic content which we know you love.

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