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Bruce Gudmundsson


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Some of Bruce’s Experience:

Case Method Chair, Marine Corps University (2007-2017)

Promoted the use of decision-forcing cases within the United States Marine Corps by conducting workshops and demonstrations, teaching elective courses, training case teachers (both military and civilian), writing pamphlets, and building websites; negotiated with donors and a wide variety of schools; supervised the work of four case teachers; served as Omar Bradley Chair of Strategic Leadership at the Army War College and Dickinson College (2010)

Military Historian (1992-2007, 2017-Present)

Wrote books, articles, manuals, studies, and concept papers dealing with military organization, operations, logistics, and tactics; assisted the Training and Education Command of the US Marine Corps with the design, conduct, and critique of the Innovative Instructor Workshop (2017-2018); created and maintained several blogs (The Case Method in Professional Military Education,RadioPME, and Unit PME); taught military history at the American Military University (1992-2004), Oxford University (2002-2003), and the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst (2004); served as consultant to the US Marine Corps, the US Navy (Expeditionary Operations), and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency; published Tactical Notebook, a modular magazine devoted to modern military history (1991-1995); served as co-host for Modern War, a weekly television program (1994- 1998)

United States Marine Corps Reserve (1977-1997)

Served a total of eight years on active duty and six years in the active reserve, rising in rank from private to major, with duties in motor transport, logistics, and infantry; designed the original curriculum for, and taught at, the School of Advanced Warfighting (1989-1992)

Case Writer, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University (1986-1989)

Wrote retrospective case studies of major US Army procurement programs