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This Means War: Ep 5 – Trent Telenko on Russian Logistics

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This Means War: Ep 5 - Trent Telenko on Russian Logistics

This Means War. Trent Telenko and Peter Roberts talk about logistics.

Even though Western militaries systemically underinvest in their own logistics and engineering capabilities, it is incredible that the Russian army is still operating on processes and with equipment from almost a century ago.

Their reliance on people as the key to logistical resupply has hamstrung their ability to advance and win ground in Ukraine. Peter talks to Trent Telenko about how long-range, precision rocket systems being delivered to Ukrainian forces are now shaping military planning by both sets of combatants. From railroads to truck tyres, and the differences in Chinese military logistics machines, the lessons from Ukraine since February 2022 are beguiling.

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