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Wavell Talks E01; First Live Event

Wavell Talks E01; First Live Event
Wavell Talks - Live Events

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A podcast of firsts; our first live ‘physical’ event, our first live recording of an event and our first podcast!

On 19th June 2018, The Wavell Room hosted the first physical event, where a number of Wavell Room contributors were invited to present their ideas in a ‘live blog’ format, with each contributor limited by time; a kind of conceptual speed dating if you like.  This provided an opportunity for discussion, networking and raising the profile of the discussion of active issues and ideas in a vibrant and encouraging environment.

The event was  introduced by the Assistant Chief of the General Staff (ACGS) General Sir Rupert Jones.

This is our first attempt at recording a live event, with no prior experience with microphones and editing, so please excuse the quality.  We hope to learn as we do more.  Please feel free to give us some feedback using our contact form or straight to our email address frontdoor@wavellroom.com

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