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#WavellReviews “Dictatorship by Degrees: Xi Jinping in China” by Steven P. Feldman

Axel Dessein
The book focuses on how “signs of pre-totalitarianism” are increasingly visible in the contemporary Chinese leadership through the role of ideology, intolerance of dissent, extra-legal...
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#WavellReviews “Chef de Guerre” At the heart of special operations with a Navy Commando by Louis Saillans

Phil Clare
The French language original edition of “Chef de Guerre” (Warlord) is available here from Louis de Mareuil Operation Barkhane began in August 2014 and followed...
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Decolonising Professional Military Education

Malte Riemann and Norma Rossi
Decolonizing as a project and practice has generated renewed attention since the global Black Lives Matter protests’ demands for a far-reaching engagement with the structural...