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Book Reviews Concepts and Doctrine

#WavellReviews ‘Adaptation under Fire: How Militaries Change in Wartime’ by Lt. General (Ret’d) David Barno and Nora Bensahel.

The Wavell Room Team
This book offers significant context and substance to our collective understanding of military change and how we conceptualise adaptability.  Its clarity and purpose is refreshing...
Book Reviews Capabilities and Spending Concepts and Doctrine

#WavellReviews – “War by Others’ Means” by Dr Jack Watling and Nick Reynolds (A RUSI paper)

The difficulty of extricating from expeditionary campaigns makes the use of deniable, ‘fire and forget’ assistance from special forces appealing to governments with an eye...
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#WavellReviews ‘Mission Improbable: The Transformation of the British Army Reserve’ by Patrick Bury

‘Mission Improbable’ has been exquisitely researched.  In places, its level of detail reminded me of reading Anthony Beevor’s Stalingrad....
Book Reviews Military History People and Leadership

#WavellReviews An Army of Tribes: British Army Cohesion, Deviancy and Murder in Northern Ireland by Edward Burke

Alexander Helm
There are stories which need to be told, and not forgotten; because to withhold them warps the wider narrative of the whole conflict, and influences...
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#WavellReviews ‘Forewarned: Tales of a Woman at War …with the Military System. Cockups, Conspiracies & Misogyny in the British Army’ by Diane Allen

The Wavell Room Team
On reflection, this is actually a book that should be read by those serving; I found it both fascinating and frustrating but also strangely compelling...