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Post-Industrial Civil-Military Relations

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Iain Harrison January 31, 2021 at 10:46

A very thought-provoking piece. Highlights some of the genuinely strategic issues facing the nature of defence and security in the modern world. It begs further thinking and debate on the future role of the human in the profession of arms. This issue often has glib traditionalist (tribal) expressions – whereas the tone of the article and technology trends suggest otherwise. While I’m a self-confessed (amateur) technologist, I also recognise that the human must have a central role in warfare/conflict – and in the spaces between it. Some tricky issues to grapple with.

davidbfpo February 7, 2021 at 20:01

My immediate reaction to this article is simple: we have seen this happen before, it is not all-new. Prior to WW2 the bulk of the UK’s military were not – from memory – based at home, with large garrisons scattered around the world and not always in colonies. It was largely a volunteer, professional military too (though after Munich there were small changes).

Polling consistently shows that the public respect their armed forces. That does not mean they understand, let alone support the commitment of the military in combat operations. This was quite clear during the wars we fought in Afghanistan and twice with Iraq.

Hi-tech options purchased do not appear to “win” the wars we are committed to today; yes, including that long-running sore, Afghanistan. Let alone wars we appear to be committed to in distant places.


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