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#WavellReviews “Dictatorship by Degrees: Xi Jinping in China” by Steven P. Feldman

Axel Dessein
The book focuses on how “signs of pre-totalitarianism” are increasingly visible in the contemporary Chinese leadership through the role of ideology, intolerance of dissent, extra-legal...
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Decolonising Professional Military Education

Malte Riemann and Norma Rossi
Decolonizing as a project and practice has generated renewed attention since the global Black Lives Matter protests’ demands for a far-reaching engagement with the structural...
Capabilities and SpendingInternational Relations (Long Read)Long Read

‘Fire for Effect’: Russia’s Growing Long Range Strike Capabilities

Dr James Bosbotinis
The Russian 2008 invasion of Georgia, 2014 assault on Ukraine, intervention in Syria, continuing provocative military exercises, and the use of a chemical weapon on...